Anthony Pappa - Burning Man 2020 VR-set at Celtic Chaos stage

• September 17th, 2020

Another month another mix, and this time a longtime friend of The Groove Collection
Anthony Pappa from down under (Melbourne) did a pre-recorded video dj-set specially for Burning Mac 2020 The Multiverse and we got this special mix to put on the podcast feed.


01. Spooky - Bells Of Fury (Part 1)
02. Espen - Say Something (Original Mix)
03. Robert Babicz - Galactic Tardigrade (Jamie Stevens Remix)
04. Artche - One Who Knows
05. Joseph Ashworth - Kira
06. Freefall - Skydive (Kiz Pattison’s Another Dub As Well)
07. Kiz Pattison - So Get Up
08. Juan MacLean - Manthony
09. Nick Curly - Squib
10. Pako & Frederick - Don’t U Know
11. Pako & Frederick - Reserve Ride
12. Mani - Pyre
13. Artche - Split Open
14. Elliot Moriarty - Find Your Truth (Extended Mix)
15. Howling - Bind (Butch Remix)
16. Howling - Bind (Butch Dub)
17. Stefan Z & Gabriell - Fanzine (Jamie Stevens Remix)
18. Daniel Avery - Dream Distortion
19. Camelphat X Yannis (Foals) - Hypercolour (Patrice Baumel Remix)
20. Joseph Ashworth - Rasputin (Extended Mix)
21. Rokkas - Life Good
22. Guy J - Beast Of Sea



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Hernán Cattáneo - Special Friendship Mix for GC 2020

• August 10th, 2020

Going back in time, when I think about The Netherlands the first person that comes to my mind is Jerry van Schie.

I met him in the early 2000 when I started playing clubs & festivals in Amsterdam and he soon introduced me to his dutch friends and producers and he made sure to really quick to make me feel part of the group.

For global traveling djs like me, Holland is one of the best places to play around the world, a country where our kind of music always been really popular and in big part, this is because all the the love, passion & support people like Jerry gave to the scene for many many years

It was always fun to see him come and hang out backstage with fellow djs and later on I also played for his own Groovecollection shows and boat parties 

Felt very sad to saw him going so early in life but there is no doubt we will meet him somewhere again in the future and in the meantime the good part is to have his brother Remco keeping the Groovecollection spirit alive they same way Jerry would have :)


Stranger Tourists - Borderline

Nepotek- Magnum (Powel Remix)

Hideo Kobayashi & Alistair - Arte Perder (Baunder remix) 

Graziano Raffa - Meltdown -

Gadi Mitrani - Dragonfly

KYOTTO- Sweet Escape 

Darko De Jan - La Beauté De La Vie (Tripswitch remix)

Mick Whitehouse - Glaucous

Tripswitch - Dose

Hicky & Kalo - Solstice 

D-Nox, Stan Kolev-Passion 

Melawati-Daliah - (Maceo Plex Remix)


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Francesco Pico - Live @ libertyLivestream

• July 9th, 2020

I was very honoured when Remco asked me for the Groovecollection Podcast.

In the good old days of “progressive house”, the years when GU was leading, Sasha and Digweed the masters in disguise and Mark Zuckerberg was still in elementary School, the Groovecollection forum was an important progressive platform from the Netherlands. Jerry was responsible for running it and as a progressive artist I of course was a member of the forum. I met Jerry back in the days and we immediately had a connection through music but also with our 2nd passion; Snooker. The Groovecollection was important for me as a platform and I’m still very grateful for Jerry’s support. Reviewing my albums and singles, playing at the Groovecollection evenings and also doing podcasts back then, I became a true member of the GC family. Later I joined the Groovecollection Booking agency and I remember playing at Jerry’s housewarming party (the whole day? ;)) right before my Burn Out period.

While I was suffering health problems Jerry was still important for me. He gave me the chance to get some rest by letting me play Snooker weekly for free in Spijkenisse where he was doing his thing at the local Snooker club. So Jerry was one of few I still hang around with during this period. While he teached me Snooker we discussed and listened to music and talked about other things in life.

Well, we all know what happened after that and while wiping a tear away I write this story down, already wondering if it’s not getting too personal. Jerry we love you! And it’s an honour to be still involved and doing this Podcast which is an exclusive recording of the 5th May Liberty livestream event. Thanks so much Remco for the invite!!!!! (and I hope you can teach me surfing on a foilboard someday ;)).


01. Stoilku - Sinewaves Are From God (Original Mix) [Triplepoint Publishing]
02. Fractal Architect - Carrara [Cinematique]
03. COR100 - Contact (Bolgarin Deep Mix) [MixCult Records]
04. Around Us - Analogia [MNL]
05. MINT (JPN) - Orchid Mist (Original Mix) [Manicomio]
06. BiGz - In The Zone (Da3boul Club Dub) [Ready Mix Records]
07. Noraj Cue - Inner Glitch (Original Mix) [Happy Camper Records]
08. Edvard Hunger - Louded Shout [BC2]
09. Alex O'Rion - Around Us [Mango Alley]
10. Mathewu - Essence (Sides Remix) [Kalushi Recordings]
11. Francesco Pico & Paul Hazendonk - Nifty Fifty [Magnitude Recordings]
12. Max & Nim - Sand Waves (Newman (I Love) Remix) [DAYS like NIGHTS]
13. Alex Bessofen - Crescendo [Balkan Connection]
14. Noraj Cue - Starting Up The Machine (Original Mix) [Happy Camper Records]
15. Jaap Ligthart - Grass Walking (Karmon Remix) [Songspire Records]
16. Facundo Altuna - Chipa (Mrodriguez Remix) [Beachside]
17. GMJ - Oranai (Nicholas Van Orton Summer Remix) [Balkan Connection]
18. Facundo Altuna - Pomelo (Pappu Remix) [Beachside]
19. Alex Bessofen - Crescendo (Kamilo Sanclemente Remix) [Balkan Connection]
20. Bondarev - The Warpp (Ewan Rill & K Loveski Remix) [Lowbit Records]
21. Nicholas Van Orton - Foggy (Loquai Remix) [BCSA]
22. AJ Lora - Let there be House (Original Mix) [Triplepoint Publishing]
23. Notorious Lynch - Secret Location (Matheus Rosa Remix) [Beachside]
24. Dabeat - Moves on the Sun [Modern Agenda]
25. Eelke Kleijn feat. Ost - Lost Souls (Erick Morillo Remix) [DAYS like NIGHTS]
26. fran&co - The Frankfurt Berlin Express (Paul Hazendonk Remix) [Mad Hatter]
27. Gianni Ruocco, Juan Diazo - That's it (Uranobeat Mix) [Uranobeat]
28. Tinj - Erybdy (Hypersleep Remix) [Mango Alley]
29. Around Us - Fade Away [Magnitude Recordings]


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Peter van Hal - In Remembrance of Jerry

• June 18th, 2020

I got introduced to Jerry somewhere around 1997 probably. I knew Remco and he was the one who introduced me to Jerry at the infamous Nighttown venue in Rotterdam. We hit it off immediately as we soon found out we shared the same passion for music. Jerry made a series of tapes called “The Groove Collection”which really spoke to me on many musical levels. It was also around that time that I became the booker of Extrema and because of that I got involved on a deeper level in the musicscene in Holland. Late 1999 I released my first label, Deep records where I displayed a outspoke taste for what was called Progressive Housemusic. Jerry was in many ways involved in that. Whenever I got send something interesting by a producer he would be the first I would go to for advice as his taste of music was impeccable. One label became two, and two became more over the later years and always there would be Jerry to go to. Jerry was not a man of many words and somethimes we could spend an hour in the same room without talking and let the music do it for us. I remember holidays on Ibiza where we would rent a big villa with our friends and endulge ourselves in beach and nightlife. Great times! One day he came to me as he wanted to start his own label also so I helped him setting The Groove Collection up. And when it was time for me to go and leave the musicscene it was Jerry who continued my labels, who else? 

This mix is pretty much an oldskool mix. A collection of records that ment a lot for jerry and myself. Some of the records come from my own labels, or Jerry’s. By no means I see myself as a dj. Jerry was one and a damn good one. But for this mix it is not really important as this month it is already 4 years ago since Jerry left us, way too early. Think of him quite often and with great pleasure, hope you do the same if you happened to know him. Enjoy Life!


Ry Cooder – Paris, Texas

Trentemoller – Nightwalker

Bill Hamel presents Innate & Andy Moor – Barotek ( Blackwatch Threshold Dub)

Space Manouvres - Stage One

Derek Howell – Yah Yah 

Chaim feat Meital De Razon – Love Rehab

Morel – Driving to Heaven ( Guy J remix)

Matthew Dekay - If I Could Fly

Applescal – Describe the doc. ( Hernan Cattaneo and Martin Garcia remix

Chicane – Offshore



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Paul Hazendonk - GC mix May 2020 (recorded live at Warehouse Stream Marathon

• May 21st, 2020

My friend Jerry van Schie's brain child The Groove Collection started out as a forum for the progressive house community a long long time ago, in a time when we didn't have Myspace, Facebook or anything else. Social media avant la lettre as you will :) It expanded with a podcast series, bookings agency and record label throughout the years.

After Jerry's passing, his brother Remco van Schie made sure the podcast legacy lasted, and invested to keep the archives online. Recently he started asking friends of Jerry to contribute a fresh guest mix for the series.

This month it was my turn, and I decided to give him the recording of the set I've played at the Warehouse Stream Marathon a few weeks


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The New Scientist - Soulful Sunset Mix for The Groove Collection

• April 22nd, 2020

Roger Boersma (The New Scientist) is friend from The Groovecollection family and a musical friend of Jerry. Roger has been around in the world of progressive house since he was a little kid. He made this mix as a thank you for Remco for bringing the podcast back to life.

Please enjoy his soulful and atmospheric sounds!

GMJ / Matter - To The Stars
Tim Penner - Lost Again (Mir Omar remix)
Danny Bonnici - The Golden Key (Luke Chable remix)
Dirty Culture - Alternative Medicine
Moshic - Dragon Beard
Way Out West - Tuesday Maybe (Guy J remix)
Ezequiel Arias / Artfaq - Babel
Ezequiel Arias - Púrpura
Gadi Mitrani - Willing 


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Jaap Ligthart - StayHome StaySafe Mix

• March 28th, 2020

A special StayHome StaySafe mix from longtime friend of the Groove Collection, so Jaap Ligthart found the time do this mix in a difficult period for the world and especially the music and party industry.

Lets hope for a better world soon, then we can listen and party all together again.

Enjoy Jaap's mix

Jaap Ligthart's Facebook

Jaap Ligthart


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Jerry van Schie Live at Floorplay / Edit After 2015

• February 17th, 2020

Almost 5 years ago Jerry did a warm-up set before Danny Howells rocked it in ClubNL on May 30th 2015. Danny's set from this night comes later online in this feed.





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Alain Pauwels - Start of the new decade mix

• January 23rd, 2020

After more than two years of silence in this podcast feed we bring new life in the Groove Collection Podcast by asking familiar dj friends and new dj-friends to deliver fresh mixes.
To kick of the new decade I ask Alain Pauwels to mix the first, Alain is a big Hernan Cattaneo fan and we met at the famous Woodstock69 party years ago.

Remco van Schie

(bio of Alain)
Alain Pauwels is a Belgian progressive house deejay, based near Antwerp.
Led by a profound love for progressive house music, surrounded by passionate professionals, practitioners and a supportive progressive house family, Alain Pauwels has been driven to share his passion of mixing sublime tracks and to bring joy across all boundaries.
Inspired by amazing deejays and producers such as Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Guy J, Marcelo Vasami, Graziano Raffa and many more artists from the Sudbeat, The Soundgarden, Lost & Found family and other well respected labels, Alain has been encouraged on his mixing and sound creation and started sharing his mixes under the PROGRESSIVA concept on Soundcloud.


 01 Maxi Degrassi – Bruxelles [Sag & Tre]
 02 Geronimo Eguiguren & Jack Lazarus – Above the Sky [Stellar Fountain]
 03 Fresen – Tascam [Click Records]
 04 Antrim – Purpose [Plattenbank]
 05 Cid Inc. – Turning Pages (Alex O’Rion Marathon Edit) [Replug]
 06 Juan Deminicis – Dogma [Clubsonica Records]
 07 Damian Lazarus – Spinnin (Sasha remix vs EANP bootleg)
 08 RPO & GMJ – Primacy [Parquet Recordings]
 09 Nico Serjanovich – Hvar [Modern Agenda]
 10 Antrim – Appearance [Plattenbank]


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Paul Sparkes @ limited.edition 12.11.16 “Ode to Jerry”

• June 15th, 2017

Last November we came together at ClubNL to bring a "Ode to Jerry", dj's and friends played and dance all night. Paul Sparkes friend and Floorplay events owner at clubNL was the closing dj..

Pauls story:

"I first met Jerry in Rotterdam at an industry conference. He was with his son. We instantly got on well and talked music. When he moved up to Amsterdam our paths crossed again. He was then working for a booking agency and running Groove Collection which was a very popular forum. I approached him to work with me at Floorplay back in 2012 and we had some amazing parties together. Jerry always knew the right records to play and more importantly in the right order. His ear for great music always came through and he delivered some amazing sets at my Floorplay nights. People would always be screaming for one more tune at the end of the night. Jerry was very stable and calm, and if you didn't know him you could be forgiven for thinking he was a quiet reserved person, but Jerry was actually someone who possessed a real sense of humour. Sometimes we would argue about music and which DJs to bring in, but that was part of the mad, stressful journey of running a successful night. Although we still miss him and his music, his sound will live on at Club NL in Amsterdam on 12 November".


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Eelke Kleijn @ limited.edition 12.11.16 “Ode to Jerry”

• May 15th, 2017

Last November we came together at ClubNL to bring a "Ode to Jerry", dj's and friends played and dance all night. Eelke Kleijn had a special place in Jerry's heart. And that's the reason he was the mystery guest of the night.

Eelke Kleijns story how he knew Jerry:

Jerry and I met through Peter van Hal. I was just starting to make music at the time, being 17 or 18. Peter advised me to meet up with Jerry and perhaps do some music together. He was already DJing a lot at the time and had a very good idea of how he wanted his music to sound, whereas I was just getting into the whole thing and didn’t really get all of those things yet. We hit it off immediately and became good friends. He introduced me to parties like ‘Earth’ at the Melkweg and DJs that played there. We worked on music together on a regular basis, and I have really good memories of being in the studio together and having a lot of fun.
When Jerry started his label I was one of the first people that got involved as well. I remixed one of Kosmas Epsilon’s tracks for Groove Collection, and I also became involved in the mastering. In the years after that, Jerry was busy with the label and I was busy with my music. Sometimes we spoke a few times a day, and at other times we didn’t see each other for months. But whenever I ran into Jerry, it was always good, like old times. And I think that’s how you get to know your real friends.
No matter how it happens, death is something that feels so weird to me. One moment a person is here, the next he is not. The one thing that never fades though, are memories, and to me those can feel as alive as the real thing. Jerry will live on in our memories, and I am thankful that I have known him for such a long time. And that I can call him my friend.


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Fountain @ limited.edition 12.11.16 “Ode to Jerry”

• April 15th, 2017

Last November we came together at ClubNL to bring a "Ode to Jerry", dj's and friends played and dance all night. Special friend of Jerry Fountain played a superb dj-set: 
Fountain put some nice words about his relation he had with Jerry.

Starting as a regular boardmember on Groovecollection, quite soon Jerry wanted to meet in person. Our musical souls connected immediately. The way he listened to music and his choice of records always inspired me to take a step further. The idea to take Groovecollection to the next level by starting to do events, was my first involvement to also work together with Jerry in music. From several parties in DJ Cafe TWSTD to hosting a festival stage, later on followed with co-running the Groovecollection labels and setting up a monthly radioshow at Proton Radio. He started coming into our office, which made me help him set up his Groovecollection booking agency. Meanwhile, sharing music, discussing music and going out happened on a regular basis.
Overall he took care of a lot of introductions in the industry of which I am still connected to until this day - thank you Jerry!.

On a personal level, being master of ceremony on his wedding has a special place in my heart.
‘Ode to Jerry’ is something we do to celebrate his way of life and his love for music, and hopefully also as a place where people may connect.
Hope to see you all there and dance!


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Pole Folder @ limited.edition 12.11.16 “Ode to Jerry”

• March 21st, 2017

Last November we came together at ClubNL to bring a "Ode to Jerry", dj's and friends played and dance all night. Longtime friend   of the Groove Collection Podcast Pole Folder played the second set of this wonderfull night.

Pole Folder put some nice words about Jerry:

As far as I remember, the connection with Jerry has always been about music and friendship.
Jerry was a passionate man and his energy within the music scene was equal to his outstanding dedication for electronic music. That really impressed me.
We then had the pleasure to play a few times together, as he invited me to share the decks at his events in Amsterdam. He’s been a warm and genuine friend since the first day we met.
It’s truly an honour for me to celebrate musically his memory this Saturday, with his friends.


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Paul Hazendonk B2B Jaap Ligthart @ limited.edition 12.11.16 “Ode to Jerry”

• February 20th, 2017

Last November we came together at ClubNL to bring a "Ode to Jerry", dj's and friends played and dance all night. First dj's played B2B opening this special limited.edition.


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Jerry van Schie live at limited.edition 23/1/16 (jerry’s last live dj-set @ clubNL)

• January 23rd, 2017

One year ago Jerry played his last dj-set at clubNL before Dimitri played at the first limited.edition night Jerry van Schie held at clubNL, the club was full of Dimitri's true fans. We all will miss you and your mixes. This upload is published by Remco van Schie


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Dimitri live at limited.edition 23/1/16 by groovecollection

• January 10th, 2017

Almost one year ago Dimitri played at the first limited.edition night Jerry van Schie held at clubNL, the club was full of Dimitri's true fans. This upload is published by Remco van Schie


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Guy Mantzur - Groovecollection On Board ADE 2015

• February 29th, 2016

Part 5 of the live recording from our Groovecollection On Board closing party during ADE 2015

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Eelke Kleijn - Groovecollection On Board ADE 2015

• January 21st, 2016

Part 6 of the live recording from our Groovecollection On Board closing party during ADE 2015

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Miss Melera - Groovecollection On Board ADE 2015

• December 5th, 2015

Part 4 of the live recording from our Groovecollection On Board closing party during ADE 2015

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Olivier Weiter - Groovecollection On Board ADE 2015

• November 24th, 2015

Part 3 of the live recording from our Groovecollection On Board closing party during ADE 2015

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