Paul Sparkes @ limited.edition 12.11.16 “Ode to Jerry”


Last November we came together at ClubNL to bring a "Ode to Jerry", dj's and friends played and dance all night. Paul Sparkes friend and Floorplay events owner at clubNL was the closing dj..

Pauls story:

"I first met Jerry in Rotterdam at an industry conference. He was with his son. We instantly got on well and talked music. When he moved up to Amsterdam our paths crossed again. He was then working for a booking agency and running Groove Collection which was a very popular forum. I approached him to work with me at Floorplay back in 2012 and we had some amazing parties together. Jerry always knew the right records to play and more importantly in the right order. His ear for great music always came through and he delivered some amazing sets at my Floorplay nights. People would always be screaming for one more tune at the end of the night. Jerry was very stable and calm, and if you didn't know him you could be forgiven for thinking he was a quiet reserved person, but Jerry was actually someone who possessed a real sense of humour. Sometimes we would argue about music and which DJs to bring in, but that was part of the mad, stressful journey of running a successful night. Although we still miss him and his music, his sound will live on at Club NL in Amsterdam on 12 November".


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