Fountain @ limited.edition 12.11.16 “Ode to Jerry”


Last November we came together at ClubNL to bring a "Ode to Jerry", dj's and friends played and dance all night. Special friend of Jerry Fountain played a superb dj-set: 
Fountain put some nice words about his relation he had with Jerry.

Starting as a regular boardmember on Groovecollection, quite soon Jerry wanted to meet in person. Our musical souls connected immediately. The way he listened to music and his choice of records always inspired me to take a step further. The idea to take Groovecollection to the next level by starting to do events, was my first involvement to also work together with Jerry in music. From several parties in DJ Cafe TWSTD to hosting a festival stage, later on followed with co-running the Groovecollection labels and setting up a monthly radioshow at Proton Radio. He started coming into our office, which made me help him set up his Groovecollection booking agency. Meanwhile, sharing music, discussing music and going out happened on a regular basis.
Overall he took care of a lot of introductions in the industry of which I am still connected to until this day - thank you Jerry!.

On a personal level, being master of ceremony on his wedding has a special place in my heart.
‘Ode to Jerry’ is something we do to celebrate his way of life and his love for music, and hopefully also as a place where people may connect.
Hope to see you all there and dance!


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